Vision, business concept and owners

Our vision

Magazines for everybody. Everywhere!
Tidsam will, regardless of end-consumer channel, offer an easily accessible and attractive magazine range that optimizes the sales of clients.

Our four owners
Aller media has several journals with a long history - a couple of them have been around for more than a hundred years. The head office is located in Stockholm. The Aller Group is the Nordic region's largest popular press publisher and has its own operations in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Bonnier Magazine & Brands is part of Bonnier Magazine Group, and has its headquarters in Stockholm. Bonnier has a long history of both book and magazine publishing that extends over 200 years back in time.

Egmont Publishing’s world spans a wide range of magazines, comic titles and books for movies, TV shows, animations, videos, cinemas and interactive games. The operations in Sweden are divided into three business areas - Magazines, Nordisk Film and Kids and Teens.

Albinsson & Sjöberg is the largest car magazine publisher in the Nordic region and is part of the family-owned media group FabasGruppen. FabasGruppen publishes monthly journals, special journals and books as well as web sites with a focus on cars and technology

Tidsam Leadership:
Daniel Andersson - CEO -
Silvia Eriksson - CFO  -
Jonas Mattsson - Marketing director -
Christian Öhlander - IT-manager -
Dick Hedegård - Distribution manager -
Anders Lindholm - Sales manager
Alexandra Norén - HR-director-

Tidsam Board of Directors:
CEO  Daniel Andersson - Tidsam AB
President Mats Carleson - Förlags AB Albinsson & Sjöberg

Board members: 
Lars Dahmén - Bonnier Magazine & Brands AB
Bengt Fritiofsson - Tidsam AB
Thomas Jönsson - Bonnier Magazine & Brands AB
Per Kjellander - Egmont Publishing AB
Jonas Von Hedenberg - Bonnier Magazine & Brands AB 
Anders Eldkrans - Tidsam AB
Gith Angelfalk - Aller media AB
Bodil Ericsson Torp – Aller media AB