Post Press Services - PEP

With our modern facility we can handle most of the post press work- always with high quality and cost-effectively!

With our modern facility, we can handle everything from complex post-press work, such as "bulky" co-packaging and different types of wrapping to easier assignments, always with high quality.

Naturally, we can also offer packaging and storage services as well as cost-effective distribution options.

Tidsam’s post press services:
• Insertion of attachments
• Co-packaging
• Lamination
• Labelling
• Addressing
• Packaging
• Storage
• Distribution
• Return handling

Advantages for choosing Tidsam
Shorter lead times - fewer transports: You can avoid a detour through another post press agent, saving time and transportation. This can be crucial for time-critical titles.

"Single Point Of Contact" - both single copies & subscriptions: One contact and delivery point, regardless of whether magazines should be distributed as single copies or subscription.

Modern machine park – knowledge that assures quality, all the way: Tidsam can handle complex post press work, such as "bulky" co-packaging, various types of wrappings and labelling, with a high quality and in large volumes. We have great knowledge and experience about what works in the distribution chain, ensuring high quality to the final recipient.

Storage: Tidsam can offer storage of, for example, subscription editions for later completion, "give-aways" used for multiple editions, or other types of products.

Large freight purchaser with preferential agreements: Tidsam has volume agreements with large freight and forwarding companies, which provides cost-effective distribution options, even for other distribution than to retailers.