About Tidsam

Welcome to Tidsam - Sweden's largest distributor of journals!

Tidsam is Sweden's largest distributor of journals, which ensures that consumers have access to both Swedish and international journals in stores with an assortment that is wide-ranging, current and attractive. Sales at the consumer level are about SEK 1.5 billion and we distribute 2,400 titles sold through approximately 7,000 retailers around the country.

Among the titles we distribute are many famous and well-known brands such as Elle, Lantliv, Damernas Värld, Hänt Extra, Bamse, Illustrerad Vetenskap, Bilsport, Allt om mat, Filter and Vego, to name a few. All brands are available at our homepage.

Our owners are Egmont Publishing, Aller Media, Förlags AB Albinsson & Sjöberg and Bonnier Magazine & Brands. There are about 180 people working at Tidsam, of which about 115 are at the distribution centre in Värnamo, where all packaging and distribution of journals take place. Our headquarters are located in Stockholm. We are environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.